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By cbianben
[b]Paper Trading Results[/b]

Below is a screenshot of the stocks they picked.


Back in September, I announced a Paper Trading competition which you can read here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=42&sid=f2c971f860b7 ... 253abd0f77.
For some inexplicable reason(s) only two competitors submitted their entries for the 90,000 Naira winning price.

The results are in and we have our winners.
[b][u]Competitor Number 1[/u][/b]
picked the following Stocks.

[b]$UPST [/b]– Cost basis $313. Sold at $322. Profit $9 per share [b][color=#408000]Total Gain $450.[/color][/b]
[b]$AFRM[/b] – Cost basis $114. Sold at $162. Profit $48 Per share. [b][color=#408000]Total Gain $2400[/color][/b]
[b]$MRNA[/b] – Cost basis $384. Sold at $345 Loss $39 Per Share [color=#BF0000][b]Total Loss $1950.[/b][/color]
[b]$RGEN[/b] – Cost basis $285. Sold at $290 Profit $5 Per share. [color=#408000][b]Total Gain $250[/b][/color]
[b]$SHOP[/b] – Cost basis $1369 Sold at $1466. Profit $97 Per Share. [b][color=#408000]Total Gain $2500[/color][/b]

[color=#408000][b]Total PROFIT for 3o Days Trading cycle = $3650.[/b][/color]

[u][b]Competitor Number 2[/b][/u]
Competitor number 2 BLEW things out of the window!! Though I disqualified some of the entries this competitor entered, the competitor still WON. This competitor outperformed us in a parallel Portfolio that was set up to mirror the competition.
Here is the Portfolio as submitted by this competitor.
[b]$SPX[/b] – (this is an ETF) Cost basis $94 Per Share. Sold at $99. Profit $5 per Share Total Gain = $250.
[b]$AAPL [/b]– Cost Basis $142. Sold at $149 Per share. Profit $350.
[b]$TSLA[/b] – Cost Basis $775 Sold at $1114 Profit Per share $339 Per Share. Total Profit $16,950
[b]$BTC[/b] – (Bitcoin) Cost Basis $47,705. Sold at $61,000. Profit Per coin $13,295. Total Profit $664,750.
[b]$DJI[/b] (This is an Index Fund) I disqualified this for lack of Clarity.
Total 30 Days Profit
[b][color=#408000]$682,300 (Six Hundred and Eighty-Two Thousand, Three Hundred Dollars[/color][/b].

CONGRATULATIONS to both competitors. I will reach out to you for payment of your winning prizes
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