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By cbianben
Favour Benzfs wrote: Fri Oct 01, 2021 3:25 pm This is my paper trading portfolio.
1. $SPX
2. $DJI - Dow Jones Industrial Average index
3. $AAPL - Apple Inc
4. $TSLA - Tesla Inc

Bought 50 numbers of shares for each.
WOW! I love this! Great picks! I see a high roller! Thinking really big.

$SPX Closed today $94.23 a Share for a total investment of $4,711.50
$DJI closed $34,326.46 for a total of $1,716,150.
$AAPL closed at $142.65 for a total of $7132.50
$TSLA closed at $775.00 for a total of $38,750.00
$BTC is currently at $47,705 for a total of $2,385,250.

You are really a big high roller.
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